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      Since 1950, krueger has been a leading provider of air distribution solutions for the market, providing quality, innovative products and first-class customer service. Company has been committed to the central air conditioning system gas-water radiation end product research and development and production, its main products are: LengLiang, distributed floor air conditioning, variable air volume at the end of the VAV, radiation cooling ceiling system, the wind breeze valve, air conditioning terminal equipment of professional manufacturers. In order to meet the needs of building sustainable development, krueger of the United States provides a wide range of options for air distribution and environmental solutions.


      Ziggy air conditioning technology (Beijing) co., LTD. Is the U.S. company KRUEGER investment in Asia's first research and development production joint venture, to improve the product price advantage, at present most of the products has achieved localization, the factory has the international standard enthalpy difference laboratory and CFD simulation, company technology center based on the past 60 years in the United States the Tucson test and a large number of application experience of the project, which can effectively solve the problem of various air conditioning space complex pipe system. Work closely with organizations such as ASHRAE, AHRI, and the United States green building council, many industry standards, the company has been committed to promoting improved continued investment in Europe and the United States and software product research and development, to ensure high-quality goods project, its innovation and development of the air distribution solutions, to provide superior performance and meet the ever-changing construction requirements. With various types of industrial facilities, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, and even the international space station, you can rely on Krueger for a complete air distribution solution.


      In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Krueger, Brennan, co-founder of Stewart, begin to pay close attention to the Chinese market in the development of high speed, through research, decided to invest in Asia in China, the division of ziggy air conditioning technology (Beijing) co., LTD. Was set up, is the core strategic Krueger companies around the world, at the same time set up a manufacturing center in wuhan, using the central core of wuhan's rapid transmission capacity, radiation throughout the country, expand China market business, and users to share their experience with efficient systems to provide a comfortable environment. Establish r&d center in suzhou to ensure the quality of products. China air-conditioning into air management period, the company needs to constant innovation and improvement of their products, to lead the global super efficient wind system terminal integration, create a 'wisdom air steward.